Space Hotel

Welcoming vistors by 2022

Aurora Station orbiting at 340 km away from earth.

The hotel is designed to hold four guests and two crew members, with 12-day trips being marketed at £6.7 million per person

Before flying into space, 3 months of training is requiered. Aurora Station will be designed to be expandable, with Orion Span envisioning selling apartments in space.


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World’s first energy-positive hotel planned for Arctic Circle

Norway and real estate company Miris, the futuristic circular retreat will harness geothermal and solar energy to produce a surplus of solar power that can be redirected back to the grid.

“By creating such a sustainable building, we aim to encourage a more sustainable approach to tourism by making people conscious about the way we experience exotic locations”

In 2015, 3.6 million tourists visited Norway only to be able to see this beautiful landscape:

Norway’s coastline enjoys up to 20 hours of sunshine during summer, Thanks to its northerly latitude, at roughly 66 degrees north of the equator. This means that the energy will be stored during night time for 3 days. 20 hours of sunshines equals to around 3 to 4 days of continuous.


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Hotels Industry Fund Degrees for Employees

In a groundbreaking program that should inspire employers everywhere, ten hotel companies are offering employees an opportunity to pursue higher education at no cost to them.

The new pilot program will offer streamlined degree opportunities to hotel industry employees in partnership with Pearson’s AcclerateED Pathways program.

This is a way of increasing the education and rate of hospitality in some hotels, because the hospitality business is about taking care of the clients and the workforce.


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Cape Town’s most expensive restaurant will start using paper plates and no table cloths

Saving water

The most celebreted chef in South Africa is talking about the wasted water used in the kitchen. Most of the water on earth is wasted in the kitchen and in the laudry rooms. This chefs restaurant which is the most expensive one in Cape Town will be using paper plates and no table cloth

Is the water crisis over ?

Cape Town is in great danger for water draught which and people might think that there should be less tourists in order to use less water. tourism directly creates 320,000 jobs and brings around R40 billion (£2.4bn) in investment each year. The city needs visitor support now more than ever. This makes locals move elsewhere for holidays so the water resupply must be done by someone.


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Fashion week Bucharest

This fashion week is taking place in most big cities in Europe. Spring is the season when it begins in Bucharest because the temperature and most clubs open. Most fashion designers come in Bucharest for a period of 7 days in order to analize the new designes exposed from the Romanian designers. Most clothes producers are taking ideas from those fashion shows and in order to get them, they must travel.

Big fashion designers come here such as Burbery, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld and many more. This is a great advertisment for Bucharest because it is a good tool to bring tourists and influencial people from all around the world in one city.

Having a good stage and a good presentacion for each designers will indirectly influence them to return in order to present their products. People around the globe gather to watch the show and also those stars.

While the forthcoming weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris are primarily about showcasing designers’ latest collections, the shows themselves are as much of a social spectacle as a sartorial one.

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Most romantic destinations for Valentine’s day

We all want to spend quality time with our loved one on the 14th of February. From several articles we can observe that many couples prefer the wildlifemore than a romantic night in a city.

Bologna, Italy

Walking around listening to instumental music at every corner of any street adds a romantic feeling of the experince. eating at an outside restaurants with an instrumental band playing, and eating food prepared by the greats chefs is a greater alternative than having a dinner somewhere where you are surrounded by technology. Here you enjoy the outside, the music and the warm look of your beloved one.


This location might be the closest one to heaven.  Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora has 121 thatched-roof bungalows set on piers over the shallows, many with individual plunge pools and views of the lagoon. Villas everywhere and no tall buildings whatsoever. clearest water on earth and nice hot breeze of the Pacific. Nothing else can be more Romantic than waking up to a view of the ocean next to your only one.


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